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Richard ScottPhone: 07967 750985


Straightforward and practical advice for solicitors – saving them valuable time and money, while avoiding unnecessary hassle = more output and more fees

Experience / Track Record / Market Knowledge / Insight / Objectivity / Understanding / Empathy

Simple and straightforward advice through to the most involved and diverse projects.

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6 years ago a number of senior clients asked Richard Scott to help them work “properly” from home. This included sourcing the actual buildings in addition to the technology inside.

Being the son of a building contractor Richard’s other vocational aspirations (other than playing up front for Olympique Marseille) started to be realised. Prior to gaining a Degree in Business Law & Accountancy he wanted to be working on building sites and the like - as this was something that he had done on school and university holidays for many years. From there grew Grand Lodges. Not just Garden Offices … 

Visit the Grand Lodges Website to find out more.



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